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North Carolina Assessors and Disaster Recovery

With North Carolina back in the sights of a hurricane, there is no better time to remember the idiom, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

After Matthew in 2016, Jimmy Tanner, Gaston County Tax Director,  realized that the individuals in the tax office who are usually tasked with the damage assessment process have likely suffered property loss themselves and also may have family and friends in need. With that in mind, Jimmy used PTAX to offer staff from his office to help with the damage assessment process in impacted counties. Other counties followed by offering similar assistance.

With the bigger picture, the School of Government has an awesome leader in this area, Norma Houston.

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New Technology for Demand Related Challenges?

Introduction by Kirk Boone

Maybe the assessment stars were aligned two weeks ago when PTEP held IAAO 300, Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal, in Rocky Mount, NC.

  • On August 20, the first day of class, WRAL, our local NBC affiliate, published an article about leading edge statistics software used to support Wake County mass appraisal. Marcus Kinrade, AAS, Wake County Revenue Director, shared the following article with me.
  • WRAL is a pioneer in technology. In 1996, WRAL provided the first public high definition television broadcast in the United States. In 2016, they became the first US station to broadcast a full time service using standards for 4K ultra HD content.
  • SAS Institute, the company providing the statistical technology, is leading-edge.  The world’s largest privately held software company, right here in Wake County, is used by Google as a model for some of their own workplace development.
  • Mr. Kinrade was attending IAAO 300 that week.  The course introduces statistical techniques used in mass appraisal. Although IAAO 300 topics such as clustering and  regression analysis have been in use for hundreds of years, it is the same mathematics combined with today’s technology and local government leadership that allow for what you’re about to read. This is an impressive collaboration between a leading-edge company and a leading-edge county.


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