This post shares some information coming from the recent announcement of USPAP availability online. It’s also a reminder of how to join PTAX, and where to find the latest PTEP calendar.  If you have questions or comments about any of these, please click “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of this post.

For online USPAP, make sure you use the URL below to take advantage of 10% off of McKissock’s regular prices:

Feedback highlights:

    1. These courses are not easier just because they are online. You’ll need to know the material well to move forward.  Don’t plan a normal work schedule or to multi-task while taking the online course. The courses have checks along the way designed to make sure you’re learning the material along the path to success.
    2. These USPAP offerings are for NC assessors and appraisers who are interested in  qualifying or continuing education for the purposes of the NCDOR certification program, NCAAO designation program, or IAAO. They may not qualify for NC Appraisal Board credit.
    3. There is a 20 question exam at the end of the 7-hour update. The quiz/exam is a “post assessment”; it’s really designed for the student to get a better idea of their USPAP competency.  The grade provided is for the student; it does NOT impact the completion of the course.  This is explained in the USPAP Mastery link on our landing page where it displays Click HERE To Learn How USPAP is Different
    4. We’ve received lots of positive feedback on the online PTEP calendar. Don’t forget the PTEP calendar is located right here in the resources section of the death and taxes blog:
    5. Included in the calendar information at the link above are instructions for joining the PTAX listserv. The list is open to property tax officials, their staffs, and members of the NCAAO and NCTCA. No one moderates the list. Thus, messages sent to the list are immediately mailed to about 1,700  members. To join or to help someone else join the listserv, visit
    6. In May 2019, a student of the 15-hour course reported that the exam was online and was not required to be proctored. This is an update from an earlier version that required a proctored exam.
  1. Don’t forget to share questions or comments about USPAP,  PTAX, or PTEP by clicking “Leave a Reply”, below. Thanks!