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Congratulations to our Tar Heels!  Why is this on Death & Taxes you ask?  Well…

Thank you to all of the Tar Heels who made their way to Franklin Street last night!

Thank you for coming to town and spending your sales tax dollars in Orange County!  Come back and snag a championship t-shirt!

So this is a great example of Orange County importing sales tax dollars (with over 9,000 in the Dean Dome and 55,000 on Franklin Street alone).  It also demonstrates some of the additional costs that come with enthusiastic non-residents!

“Chapel Hill officials already warned fans not to light bonfires on the street after the game, but by midnight fans already had three bonfires burning brightly in the intersection.  Also, by 12:05 a.m. Tuesday, young men had climbed street poles on at least three corners of the intersection and were standing on top of the walk/don’t walk signs…The streets were cleaned and reopened by 2:10 a.m. Tuesday.” (Article)


It all comes back to taxes…